Friday, March 8, 2013

Today Is A Good Day (To Begin (Again))

Today I posted this message on my facebook page:

"In September 2011 I started a blog to document the radical and dramatic changes I was making in my life.  After a few months and only 7 posts I stopped writing.  This can be credited to two things: 1) we started our fertility treatment protocol again and I wasn't ready to talk about it but it was the only thing I could think about, and 2) I wasn't confident in my writing so I didn't tell many people about the blog in the first place so it was easy to let it just die.  Well, this year has been all about pushing my limits and getting outside of my comfort zone.  Yesterday a friend encouraged me to blog...of course I had plenty of excuses for why I shouldn't.  BUT...I've decided not to think too much about it. (It's so easy to talk ourselves out of things, isn't it?) Instead, I'm going to just pick up where I left off and run with it!  So here I go, stepping courageously into the future I desire...Come check it out:  I won't promise daily posts at this point, but I'm just going to commit to taking it one post at a time."

It's amazing to me to look back at this blog and see how far I've come!  We have a four month old now (closer to 5) and my diet is more radical than ever.  I feel good - strong / healthy / migraine-free - and can't imagine ever going back to my old habits or the Standard American Diet.

The inspiration for this blog's name is two-fold:
1) As a family living by the school calendar (my husband is a teacher and I'm a substitute teacher), it seemed fitting to commit myself to the length of a school year (or 180 school days) to give real change a chance to take hold.
2) I liked using a play on the term "a complete 180" because in addition to the school year traditionally being 180 days, I was looking to make a complete turnaround with regards to my diet and how I was spending my time.

Because I've been away for so long I'll be writing about some things from the past "year plus some" as well as current events in our life, but the basic premise for the blog will stay the same.

Right now I am nursing my half asleep child in one arm while I type with the other hand.  It's not necessarily going to be easy to get back to writing, but I know that just as with my other big changes, this will be totally worth it!

Hope you tag along for some good times, and may you be inspired to pursue your own good health and most authentic life!

- Amy

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