Thursday, September 8, 2011

Day 5 (of the school year): I may need an Internet Intervention

I am wiped out! Believe it or not, today was my day off since neither the school called nor did my tours book. It was lovely. However, I think I may need to limit my internet use while I'm on this tv diet as well. The internet is a limitless source of information. And while that is awesome, it's also the problem! I have been researching recipes, raw foods, books, cookbooks, blogs and blogging advice, vacation possibilities, professional avenues -- everything imaginable -- ALL DAY.

I stopped long enough to:
- make a healthy breakfast of quinoa, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, almond meal, coconut flakes and coconut milk (I think I'll skip the coconut milk next time)
- finish reading one of the books assigned to the students for summer reading (I like to read what they're assigned in case it comes up)
- eat a healthy lunch (it didn't need any preparation because I had it ready to go last night in case I got called in)
- prepare and mail 4 important documents that I have been procrastinating on
- go to the library, open a libary card account, find 3 books to sign out (the limit for a new card holder)
- make a new batch of almond milk (this definitely came out better!) and turn it into a smoothie with frozen peaches and frozen mangoes.

Beyond that...I was online. It's hard to find a fair limit for the internet because I'm using it to support real living by identifying practices and opportunities. However, this much probably isn't good. I guess it's something to think about. But for today, I'm done thinking!

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