Friday, September 2, 2011

Day Two

It's 7:22 pm and I'm sitting down for the first time since getting out of work.'s a good feeling. Being productive, that is! It feels good -- real good!

I subbed today, so when Eddie and I got out of work we went straight to the grocery store and filled our cart to the top with fruits and veggies. One of my goals in this project is to reallocate our "tv time" towards making a dramatic impact on our health by learning more about nutrition, developing healthier eating habits, cooking more, and making better food choices. (Eddie managed to sneek in some sugary cereal and a big loaf of French bread, but I'm just glad that he's willing to make some changes to his diet, if not a complete 180).

Tomorrow we have a graduation party to attend and we're responsible for the fruit salad, so we've got that in the works. I've transitioned to a Clean diet recently (almost a raw diet), so now our house is very well stocked with things I can eat.

Dinner is marinating, going into the oven in 20 minutes (a new recipe for us from the Clean book), and the washing machine is running so I'll have clean clothes for work tomorrow (zip on!). Eddie helped me out and emptied and loaded the dishwasher so the sink area is all cleaned up, and the table is clear for yet another dinner together not in front of the tv! This tv diet is really working out for us!!

Yesterday was Harold's birthday, so we spent some time downstairs and watched tv for 2 hours: a documentary on the history channel called "Cocaine - History Between the Lines". I definitely feel good that we chose something interesting and culturally relevant, but I would've felt okay about the choice to watch tv then anyway, because it was a way to spend time with Harold on his special day.

So that leaves me 3 more hours this week if I want to use them. There is a movie I've been wanting to see: "Food Inc.". I know it's available on demand, but I don't know if I want to watch it just yet. I mean, I give myself 5 hours in case I want them, but I really do want to experience some big benefits and changes through all this so it may be best to hold back for now. On the other hand, cuddling with Eddie in front of a good movie is always awesome on a Friday or Saturday night!

I guess I have some deciding to do...

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