Thursday, September 1, 2011

Day One

It's time to stop whining and start creating the life I want!

I've been whining to Eddie that we watch too much tv, that we should get more exercise, that we should hike more. But I haven't done my part to make that happen. Until now, that is!

It's time to turn off the tv and live the life we're meant to be living. No, really it's time: TODAY'S THE DAY!

Today is the first day of my personal challenge to limit myself to 5 hours or less television viewing each week for the entire length of this school year. Although school was scheduled to start Monday, thanks to Hurricane Irene we didn't actually start school until today! This challenge is very important for me, though, so although I was thrilled to have Eddie home with me for a few extra days, I still limited my tv intake in preparation for the new life I'm planning to live.

The goal of this project is to enrich my life and strengthen my relationships. Here are my preliminary guidelines:
1. A week will run Sunday through Saturday
2. My tv consumption will be limited to 5 hours or less each week.
3. Viewing movies will count towards this limit.
4. Because one of the goals of this project is to strengthen relationships, if I visit someone and their way of spending time together is watching television, I will allow myself that time regardless of the diet. However, I will not visit someone for the purpose of viewing television if I have already maxed out my 5 hours.
5. I will chart my progress here, including tv viewing (what, when, how much) and what else I'm doing towards new and better living.

I anticipate the list of guidelines will grow as I live through this experience, but for now that seems like a good start!


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